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The Ultimate Driving Machine.




Litespeed, a North American bicycle manufacturer, is now touted as the world leader in cycling technology, and to this day Litespeed has been pushing the envelope of cycling technology development.


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Georgia Natural Gas

From small towns in the North Georgia Mountains, to the state’s beautiful coastline communities, to the hustle and bustle of metro Atlanta, more Georgians depend on Georgia Natural Gas® than any other gas marketer to provide clean-burning natural gas for their homes and businesses. In fact, nearly half a million customers look to us as their natural gas expert. And for good reason


McManis Family Vineyards

McManis Family Vineyards

Family owned and operated since 1990 by Ron and Jamie McManis, McManis Family Vineyards now sustainably farms over 2,700 acres of premium wine grapes located throughout the Northern interior of California. Justin McManis, Tanya McManis Heuvel, and son-in-law Dirk Heuvel, the fifth generation of family farmers, all work full time at McManis Family Vineyards. The McManis family has been growing grapes in this region for five generations.

McManis Family Vineyards has been one of the leading wine and grape producers since 1990. McManis Family Vineyards is known for ultra premium grape growing featuring selected rootstocks and clones, leaf pulling, cluster thinning and drip irrigation. Along with an eye for detail in the vineyards, their commitment to sustainable practices has led them to pursue green certification. In 1997, the McManis family’s commitment to producing quality wines under the family label was firmly established when a state-of-the-art production facility was designed and built to maximize wine value and consistency. Attention to detail comes in the form of small lot fermentations, whole cluster pressing and oak aging – all designed to provide McManis Family Vineyards the tools they need to produce the finest wines possible.



The Marlay House

The Marlay House…A bit of Dublin in Decatur


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Reality Bikes

Professional sales, service and repairs since 1995. We are a destination bicycle shop with a great reputation for friendly & knowledgeable staff that are actively involved in cycling.


Athletes' Potential

Athletes’ Potential

Athletes’ Potential was founded on the idea that Physical Therapy could be better. Healthcare quality is at an all time low. Many people pay for healthcare not just with their money but also with their time. Time is the most valuable resource we all have.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality Physical Therapy in the country. We want our patients to know that we have their best interest at heart. We also want to be a resource for our community, coaches, athletes and trainers around the world. We constantly put up new videos, podcasts and blog posts to help our community stay healthy and perform at their highest level. 




Hunter Heating & A/C Company
2021 Manchester St., NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
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James C. Parks, Jr. Attorney at Law, LLC

James C. Parks, Jr., J.D.
104 Cambridge Ave
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone (404) 371-1888
Fax (866) 941-6707
* Licensed in Georgia and Washington State U.S.A.



Clif Bar

We want a simple approach in an energy bar, not complicated formulas or gimmicks. Don’t you? It’s just an approach that makes sense. CLIF BARS are a great-tasting, convenient source of energy for any activity.



Rudy Project

Rudy Project is a modern, marketing oriented company that has established itself as a leading brand worldwide. Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and accessories using the application of science, advanced materials and computer technology to create functional, aesthetically superior and technologically advanced products.



Built to Last

Built to Last Purely custom bicycle wheels that are built to last.




Throughout The Centuries There Were Men Who Took First Steps Down New Roads Armed With Nothing But Their Own Vision -Ayn Rand.




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Eliel Cycling

As lifelong cyclists with deep roots in the Southern California community, Ryan Cady, Matt Becica and Derek Wiback all shared an appreciation for racing, and a competitive spirit that helped them build previous successful brands.

Over the years, the more they rode, the greater their kinship grew with the local groups who were putting in the daily miles. Furthermore, they felt those crews deserved a higher level of custom performance gear when flying their team colors. From that idea, Eliel was born. To create an authentic brand that captured the spirit of California while delivering unmatched quality that would rival the leading brands from across the cycling world.

A global search for a manufacturer led Eliel to set up their own shop right at home in California. Combining their depth of cycling experience with the latest cutting edge technologies, they were able to rapidly prototype and test every concept. They also experimented with a broad spectrum of performance fabrics and made countless refinements to cut and construction, ultimately arriving at the gear they were proud to put their name on.

That research and development process continues with every new product. Today Eliel delivers world-class custom and branded cycling gear to cyclists everywhere that share their passion for the pedal.


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